13 Beauty Products I Wouldn’t Want My Date To Find In My Bathroom


There are many common household items out there that you’d be surprised you can use as beauty products.


But, their initial intended uses may be a little embarrassing, and you definitely wouldn’t want your date to come across them in your bathroom.


So, before shelling out big bucks on high-end products for your beauty routine, try shopping your own pantry first (mortification included):


1. Castor Oil


Like so many other women, I’m trying to grow my eyebrows back in.


So, I did a lot of research, and I found many products are made for this. However, they mostly starts $50 and go up from there.


But what was the one common thing I kept finding online? Castor oil.


Everyone swore by this $5 bottle that you can pick up at any store.


When you actually go to buy castor oil, you’ll learn its original intended use is as a laxative.


I definitely dont want my date or anyone else thinking that I need castor oil, especially since they come in fairly large bottles.



2. Preparation H


Now this is one that I’ve never personally tried out, but I know a lot of people swear by it.


I’ve heard it works miracles against puffy eyes.


As someone who has bouts of insomnia, Ive often wondered if its worth purchasing to help my poor eyes look a bit brighter and more youthful.



3. Diaper Rash Cream


This would probably be a weird one to find in my bathroom, as I dont have a baby and don’t interact with any babies.


But apparently, diaper rash cream can work miracles against dry skin. I believe it.


If you live in a particular dry climate or experience dry skin during the changing seasons, you might want to pick up some diaper rash cream and lather up.



4. Vodka, Beer And Mayo


Yeah, if a date saw this in my shower, he’d probably have quite a few questions.


He’d ask thingslike, Wow, are you really such a lush you cant get through a shower without drinking? Why are you eating mayonnaise in the shower?” and “Why are you eating mayonnaise by itself?


It’s about this time I’d expect a date to make up some lame excuse and run from my house, never to talk to me again.


Vodka is actually an amazing cleanser, and its a great option for a deep clean of your hair.


Ive heard of people using straight vodka, and Ive heard of people adding a cap or two to their shampoo bottles.


Either way, once you strip your hair of all the oils, youll want to deep condition it.


Here’s where the mayo comes in.


Apparently, mayo is one of the best deep conditioners you can get. Mix it with some avocado, and you wont believe the shiny softness of your hair.



5. Yogurt


Nope, Im not trying to combine breakfast with getting ready to cut down on time.


Yogurt is actually pretty good at treating straightener and curling iron burns.


Next time you drop that sucker on your arm or touch it to your forehead or neck, reach for that plain yogurt in your fridge before your skin has a chance to blister.



6. Pepto-Bismol


This one isnt that embarrassing. In fact, most people probably do keep this in their medicine cabinet.


But if I walked out with it smeared all over my face, there would probably be some questions.


Pepto-Bismol isactually a pretty fantastic face mask, and it breaks down the oils and acids that can be found on your face.


Keep it on for 15 to 20 minutes, and youre good.


Just dont buy it in mass quantities, though. If he stumbles upon that, hes going to be afraid to take you anywhere to eat.



7. Coffee Grounds


This one I have used.


Did you know you can use coffee grounds as a body scrub to help treat cellulite?


Truth be told, I dont know how well it works, but apparently the caffeine will help stimulate and tighten up the skin cells, while the texture of the grounds will scrub off any dead skin like a normal body scrub would.



8. Potatoes


Weve all heard of cucumbers, but putting raw, peeled potatoes on your eyes for 10 minutes will help decrease any puffiness.


I think if I kept these in my bathroom, it would be a little strange.


A date would think, “Is this some science project? Is she starting her own garden of fresh fruits and veggies? And if so, why did she choose her bathroom as the perfect ecosystem for it?”



9. Baby Powder


This isnt that weird, either. Im sure many people have this in their bathrooms.


But, I think if a dude showed up at my house and saw all these baby products and no baby, a few scenarios might pass through his mind.


Baby powder, however, is great for unwashed hair. Just apply to your roots to soak up any oils.


Plus, its also amazing at elongating your lashes. Apply a layer of mascara, then add baby powder to the mascara on your eyelashes with a Q-tip.


Follow up with a second layer of mascara for thicker, fuller looking lashes.



10. Red Wine


Yeah, we’re looking like alcoholics in the bathroom.


But apparently, some people add red wine to their bath water and swear it softens their skin.


I haven’t tried this one, and I don’t think I ever will.


I dont think I could bring myself to waste any wine. Ill stick to coffee scrubs and diaper cream for amazingly soft skin.



11. Ketchup


Allegedly, if youre a blonde and make a mistake with darker hair dye, you can use ketchup to pull the color out.


With my luck, though, Id probably just end up coming out with my hair a heinous shade of strawberry (or ketchup) blonde.



12. Tape


Please, if you try this, do it with caution.


And if you are someone who actually does this, message me because I would love to know your technique.


Lady Gaga allegedlyuses tape to remove her eye makeup.


I get that its probably pretty useful on glitter makeup, but what else? Does this work on my cat eyeliner?


Because that would be amazing if it just came all off in one strip. Although, it might take my lashes with it.



13. Kitty Litter


Snooki is pretty famous for this one.


I think Ill stick with coffee grounds, but I can understand why kitty litter could work as an exfoliant.


Although, I think if a date saw this in my bathroom, hed be really concerned, as I dont have a cat.


If I followed all these beauty regimens, my shower would start to look like a kitchen cabinet rather than a place to clean yourself.


A date would look around my bathroom and think, “Why does she have so many baby products but no baby, kitty litter but no cat and so much booze in her shower? Shes clearly unstable.”


It would all by because the Internet gave me beauty tips on using household items.


At least I would look fly as hell, and people would wonder what my secret is.


Read more: http://elitedaily.com/life/unusual-beauty-products/1242731/


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