Dolly Parton Flusters Jimmy Fallon When She Reveals Her Unusual Childhood Beauty Inspiration

Dolly Parton is one of those entertainers who you can always count on being over-the-top, yet she also carries that folksy country charm with her at the same time.

She has spent decades honing herbejeweled outfits and big, um, hair for a one-of-a-kind style thatyou can truly deemdistinct.It’s pretty staggering to see how much Partonhas changed since starting her career back in the 1960s as a female pioneer in the music industry.

While visiting with Jimmy Fallon to promote her latest album onThe Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallonrecently, the two discussedthesuccessof theTV movie based on her childhood, Coat of Many Colors. She reveals that she is going to have a small role in the flick’s upcoming Christmas-themed sequel, but the character might not be something you’d expect.

That’s when she admits that she actually stole her signature aesthetic from someone else: “the town trollop,” which is who she will be playing in the movie.

Parton explains how growing up in eastern Tennessee,she always idolized the tight clothing and bright makeup worn by the woman walking the small-town streets. Though she never met her, she only has kind words to say about the woman she remembers fondly.

Fallon, meanwhile, is totally baffled by Parton’s choice of vocabulary and can’t keep a straight face!Over on the drums, Questlove seems just as shocked by her hilarious candor.

Take a look to see Jimmy’s priceless reaction.

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