Magnificent metros: The beauty of deserted underground stations

(CNN)The daily commute is the most mundane and often the most frustrating part of city living – but photographer Chris Forsyth wants us to appreciate the beauty hidden in our transit systems.

The 20-year-old has spent two years capturing busy underground stations – devoid of people.
Almost 150 subway stations have been photographed as part of his photo series “The Metro Project.”

    The first edition focused on his hometown of Montreal and earned him the accolade of 2015’s International Photographer of the Year award for interior architecture.
    His latest series turns his attention to Europe, snapping the metro systems of Munich, Berlin and Stockholm.

    “Each city’s underground has something unique to offer,” says Forsyth.
    “Montreal’s metro system is a microcosm of 1960s Canadian architecture.”
    Meanwhile, “Stockholm’s Tunnelbana is known as the world’s longest art exhibit,” says Forsyth.
    “Many of its stations have kept their raw, cave-like form, and include larger-than-life hand-painted walls and ceilings.”
    Amongst his Stockholm images is one of Europe’s most photographed stations – Solna Centrum.
    Here, artists Anders Aberg and Karl-Olov Bjork painted its exposed rock an angry black and red, creating something altogether demonic.
    Stockholm’s stations are “truly a treat for the senses,” says Forsyth.
    Moving on to Germany, he says that Munich’s stations are generally “very modern and spacious.”
    He adds, “Looking at Berlin, being that their U-Bahn is over a hundred years old, and has 170 stations, there’s a variety of old and new.”
    In Canada, different architects designed each station, so each has its own character and atmosphere, he explains.
    “That really fascinated me – that you can see such a variety of architectural styles in such a short time.”

    Empty stations


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