Dancing :: Linen Tunic & Ostrich Clutch : Wendy’s Lookbook


I believe dance is really religious – it may transcend the body and brain into another world.  when liberates your spirit and Also The greatest aspect about dance is.



I really like to party!   Occasionally, the more crazy the =P  that is greater plus one of the delights that I discover in existence is viewing the feeling that it sets, and also the way in which it progresses the body, the character that it’s to fabric.




I purchased out my evening clutch today.  to Get A very long time, I had been buying clutch which was simple-yet fashionable, and didn’t truly discover something that I liked.  And So I chose to create my very own =)  I visited a material shop which faux-ostrich leather printing captured my eye.  Two meters in and three months later, I ultimately composed my brain about the design.  I needed anything oversized, uneven, and simple.  It got me around three times to complete this clutch.




I’d prefer to consider this second and convey my sincere appreciation to Beartea, Comp597all, Sherl, Tran Xgiang, Andrea, Yaya H, Swelsh, Lana, Sunlight, RachelMichelle, Inedat4, Katie, Louise Sario, Roanna, Essentiial, Lara, Anna Saccone, Small Mother, Loni, RelatableStyle, Minny, Pauline Lau, Vivian Vo, Ying Khang, Malaniethu, Melanie B, Katy, Kileen, Susanna Niccum, STN, Quynh, Ellen Ming, Alternations Required, Lena, Andreia Santos, Cee, Jenny Wu, Andrea, Linda, Raya, Michelle, Lei, Omg Adrienne, Jessy, iAMminky3, Tresha, Suelen, lollypinkbow, Nelah, JT, Adgex0, Valeria Bis, Chaney Chou, Sarah Robinson, Shelby Marshall, Kriskitzo, Tien, and Maimai019 for the type words.  the final couple of times has been really tearful for me.  I cried after I published the ‘Frankenstein‘ and ‘The Laboratory‘ records, and that I cried again after I study your comments.  in The base of my center, thanks so much for the assistance!  I greatly enjoy it.


Thanks Donald for that pictures that are incredible!


:: Clothing::

Best:: H&M linen tunic

Base:: Armani Exchange faux-leather trousers

Sneakers:: Christian Louboutin ‘Minibout’ pumps

Carrier:: Homemade faux-ostrich clutch

:: Photo credit::

Brian Kim

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