500 days of summer

500 times of summertime

L A / July 22, 2015

Cibelle x Kristina | Melrose_20

Hello my loves! To begin with happy belated evening. I really hope you-all had the chance to invest Saturday together with your precious dad like all of US must have and revel in some tranquil, soothing family moment. Personally, I have now been considering and texting my loved ones non-stop I actually do skip them awfully and as again , observed them! But I’m enthusiastic to declare that nowadays I’ll be departing to get a month where I’ll be focusing on a lot of really interesting tasks to Europe and much more correctly Portugal. Large things large issues, forward men. And my loved ones will most likely come around to get a small catch-up and LARGE family reunion meal while I’m around. Crossing fingers that everything computes.

These day or two in L.A have now been positively marvelous. I’m fortunate to express that after searching and looking for an ideal intern out below, a gem was ultimately discovered by us! Her title is Cibelle and also you men may have observed her come in my consideration currently as we’ve virtually invested the entire week together observing one another better. We wrapped-up tremendous week that was effective having a Sunday vacation in Malibu that was so beneficial and totally marvelous. You’ve to test Your Wine Chrome should you men are actually over there. Everything.

She has shot the pictures you observe seem about the website nowadays. So much enjoyment to work well with people I think it is usually. It’s this type of stunning encounter and also you usually discover so significantly in one another. I really like seeing the many operating ways of I’m and every individual simply intriguing to determine how for every shooter, based on their perspective, the end result will end up something various and brand-new. That evening, we hung around Melrose Location, getting coffee very relaxed search while thinking fresh suggestions and that I used this truly awesome. I matched it for this Anouk cover carrier in it’s beautiful acid color to include only a little place of color.

When I dropped the sunnies I use in this article on another hand I’m so pissed-off! I was THEREFORE excited to put them on low stop… which means you men, should you ever locate them: deliver them my method in whatever way possible and had only purchased them. Ok? Simply saying. A truly fantastic week desire all you men! And find out you on Instagram for many more enjoyable.

Cibelle x Kristina | Melrose_05Cibelle x Kristina | Melrose_08Cibelle x Kristina | Melrose_11Cibelle x Kristina | Melrose_14Cibelle x Kristina | Melrose_17Cibelle x Kristina | Melrose_18Cibelle x Kristina | Melrose_19 Cibelle x Kristina | Melrose_23


LEADING: Design Stalker 


SNEAKERS: Josefinas


RING: Anine Bing

CARRIER: Anouk Cover by Akris 

Images by Cibelle Levi


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