Tuxedo :: Wendy’s Lookbook X Mejuri jewelry collaboration : Wendy’s Lookbook


Hello everybody! Something really special… going back six months, I’ve had enjoyment and absolutely the recognition of creating with Mejuri.  From idea to create towards the smallest detail, a selection was created: TUXEDO.  One that catches the substance of pain and power, impressed from the contemporary lady, while remaining the bold lady who chases her desires attached to her love for mankind.  This series includes strong and female components coming-together to produce shapes that are gentle with detailed architecture and described silhouettes.

:: Powerful Details::


Tuxedo ring, Tuxedo string band, Tuxedo pinky ring


Tuxedos inspire the idea of this selection. Classic that is  They’re like superb; powerful and assured, such as the ladies who encourage us.  We designed the facts of the man’s tuxedo (pleats about the material, cuff-links, switches about the top) and reimagined them into jewelry items. Material pleats inspire pattern of Tuxedo, and also the particular form by cufflinks. By which makes it gentle and more curly  We presented its femininity. I really like the ring!  There’s only anything so powerful concerning the smallest hand producing the declaration that is best!

:: Basic Layering::


the folds on the man’s match inspire these cuffs with spinel rocks and also the 3 rocks possess switches on the shirt’s sleeve’s look.  I enjoy partnering them having a view or layering them.


Tuxedo cuff, Tuxedo silver band, Tuxedo mix band


:: Modern Romance::

In my own humble view, there’s nothing intimate and sensual than sporting it like a shirtdress on the lazy Saturday morning and funding up his button. Earrings catch contemporary romance’s feel.  Crafted within Tuxedo’s signature routine, the bright pearls include that female edition of the collar shirt” that is “white search.


Tuxedo pearl head coats, Tuxedo mix band, Tuxedo string band


Solitary or split, these bands have new framework entered in the center, imitating the bow-tie on the tuxedo.


Draft after meeting calls and draft style conferences, creating with Mejuri was significant and extremely refreshing.  A cooperation with every depth regarded, such as for instance can we decrease that by 2 millimeters and certainly will we reduce that by 20%, Mejuri turned a safehaven for me personally to foster imagination and also to participate in heavy discussions (discussions about style, this is of womanhood, juvenile justice problems, and much more).

I really wish you love this particular selection around we loved creating it.  I use the cross bandpinky ring, and string band nearly daily, and also the cuffs when I use my view. Reveal the various appears along with you quickly and wait to restyle them!

So that as usually, THANKS so much.  Thank you to be with me with this trip. Now this… phrases can’t and York convey how thankful I’m of reassurance, one’s assistance, and love. .

– Photography by Chris Ash Lee –

– Hair by Yohey Nakatsuka & make up by Satsuki Soma –

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