Celebrating Mystery Man’s Birthday ;) : Wendy’s Lookbook

The one who I keep to while recording the facebook attacks on talking is my sweetheart =)  But because we observe his encounter about the movies or never notice his speech, allows for enjoyment, contact him Secret Person.  It only seems cooler than sweetheart;)  Mystery Guy and that I have now been courting for more than 4 decades =D

Now is among my personal favorite evening of the entire year – Secret Man’s birthday! =D


We began with breakfast at La Notice, an adorable small devote Berkeley.  They had an incredible choice of snacks and toast.

Our Fendi case got so enthusiastic that she desired to maintain the image!  =D

I used a faux fur jacket, a wool jacket, and thin trousers to enjoy this event =)

After breakfast, we went over a location, to Sprinkles.

After cookies, there was food our method was created by =P  We at Baume to supper.   and Also The food was remarkable! The renowned moleculargastronomy dish Egg was attempted by  We.  And it had been !! that is tasty!

The meals demonstration was – that is wonderful artwork on the dish!

And treat is –ed by my many preferred dinner!  So tasty!

At the day’s end, that I and Secret Guy had lots of enjoyment!   And I’m usually so grateful of your day he walked into this-world =)

:: Clothing::

Layer:: Michaelkors imitation fur jacket

Top:: Concept wool jacket

Base:: Present/Elliot thin trousers

Carrier:: Fendi


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