Fighting oppression through fashion: Africa’s dandies.

(CNN)The new African aesthetic is not what you’d expect. There are girls dressed like boys and men hoarding money to splash out on expensive luxury shoes.

Now, the Brighton Photo Biennial is turning its focus on these fashion-obsessed millennials by featuring The Dandy Lion Project – a look at black men and women who like to dress provocatively as dandies.

    The exhibit has already been across the U.S. and parts of Europe, reaching Amsterdam and now Brighton. But the updated UK edition features women dandies for the first time.
    “It’s 2016 and it would be funny to have a conversation about black masculinity and not include women who present as masculine or feminine on that spectrum,” says curator Shantrelle Lewis, who has been amassing images of black dandies since 2010.


    His staged black and white shots are very much “about drama” and telling people’s stories he admits.
    Over 20 of Hamese’s photographs were part of the initial exhibition and the show’s final line-up will take the form of a book, to be published next year. Of the exhibition, “It’s not only about the clothes because I don’t photograph clothes,” says Hamese. “I photograph people.”

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