Valfre’s Latest Collection Is A ’90s Summer Dream

The new Gold Goals selection of Valfre perfectly captures the finish-of- for once the warmth has you dreaming summertime feeling-perfect.


The selection displays designs which are equally sexy and nice. And because itis Valfre, they provide simply grunge too’s perfect touch. The pointis quick hemlines, backless information on classic, and higher necklines -like silks, plaids, and velvets are openly alluring, and we are able to completely photograph a Kate Moss rocking all of them. This selection is just a no brainer.


Basics such as the

Classy Gown

 As well as the

Rosas Wrap Dress

 Can take you from anything else between, and situation to some roof soiree. And also the visual tops are denim cutoffs’ perfect counterpart to a set.


Golden Goals may be the must have update for your pre-drop clothing. Click-through the gallery below to have a deeper consider the selection, and 

Head-over to NYLONshop

 To look a number of our favorites.

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