Happy New Year :: Hello 2012! : Wendy’s Lookbook


New Year everybody!




I’m not quite unlucky.  The climate in Chicago continues to be chilly although not cold. I’ve had the opportunity to handle the chill,  So significantly.  Thank you for checking on our guessGuy that was  Mystery chose to create tomorrow, Mon, the process evening, since it may be the week’s coolest day. As he really wants to get, I therefore tomorrow will not be uninteresting.  Can’t delay to talk about the results!



2011 was an excellent year for that I and Secret Man. Our facebook funnel was began by  We in March in this website and Jan, and we’re not extremely ungrateful for all your love and support throughout every season!  Your form words certainly will continually be, gas for all of US to carry on with this trip, and were.  Before without a contingency plan, we both stop our skilled careers starting Lookbook. We didn’t discover our careers rewarding and that I was a fiscal advisor for several years, although  Mystery Guy was a software manufacture. Guy that was  Mystery quit his work first to follow filmmaking, and following so or a year, I chose to abandon my work aswell.  To be honest with you, I had been totally frightened, but in the same period, I so blame.  And within this independence, I came across methods to chase desires which were unthinkable before.  Words can’t express I enjoy your assistance. To be with this journey  Thank you!  Wishing you limitless joy, achievement, and love-in 2012.

I’ve discovered so much in 2011 and want to reveal several of those encounters along with you =)

1. An experienced target is priceless.  He certainly will help customize new products and or she can provide existence to aged parts.  If you’re within the La region, I recommend Hector.  If you’re within the San Francisco region, I powerful recommend Uni.

2. An excellent steamer may be worth every cent.  I possess the Jiffy T-4000 and definitely like it! Guy that was  Mystery worked after university at Republic to get a tiny bit which may be the machine they utilize at their shops.  It does an incredible work getting lines out. When you obtain the hold of it  Steaming is extremely simple.  Be careful to not burn yourself

3. Our many preferred purchase in 2011 was absolutely my Alexander McQueen scarf. Appreciate that is  I McQueen’s for as well as personality bold models that are his creative. Scarf is so that is  This classic and flexible

4. Two developments that I’d powerful sights to in 2011 (and moving forward) were fake fur vests and leather soles.  They immediately glam-up any outfit

5. Peanut butter will require out sticky deposit on refined areas and an performer eraser may reduce spots or scars on suede.

6. Among the best shows of 2011 for me personally was observing incredible neighborhood businesses.  Thank you InsideOUT Writers, Each One Of These Reach One, Town Yr, and Usa Buddies for adopting and assisting marginalized youths

7. Penguins possess the many cute courtship dancing and that I believe people must adjust it =)


As usually, thanks much for cheers and studying !

:: Clothing::

Top:: Zara layer, Stevie Mac imitation fur jacket, Juicy Couture shirt

Base:: People of Mankind

Sneakers:: ASOS

Components:: Forever 21 gloves

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