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Friday everybody happy and welcome to my attic that is existing!  Like work, my attic also offers black wood surfaces and an open stone concept.  Because of the stone surfaces that were open, I needed to produce a commercial design idea that was interior.  With these stunning items from High-Fashion House, I outlined the commercial element with steel highlights (the coffee-table and Television system), after which alleviate it with rich products (the dome seat and mattress/headboard).  Combining both components produced a general commercial stylish style concept through the attic.



:: the dinning location::


Goal completed! Chandelier.




I really like integrating containers and publications as ornamental components.


:: the primary region::



Although sustaining the commercial concept, the connective problem that ties the three primary area together may be the theme of rich bright – the bright linen dome seat and heavy carpet within the dwelling area, the bright mattress and cushions within the relaxation area, and also the little carpets about the seats, dinning table, and ornamental wine containers within the eating area.



Just in my experience, open stone surfaces expand a powerful positive power like the workplace. I enjoy room that is how this is extremely significantly aimed with my style viewpoint.  This room is full of textures… Leather (the couch & shoe torso), timber (the shelf & dinning table), steel (the coffee table & press system), linen (the dome seat), and velvet (the mattress).  I love having fun with lace, tulle Feathers, and so forth.  This room is vibrant with windows that are big.  I’m an enormous supporter of sporting items that are feeling and that provide sunlight -improving.  The exposed stone and cement put in the room and a strong component.  I love items which have juxtaposition.  The female using the masculine… a powerful neck a coat, on a slender blazer that’s military particulars coupled with ruffles, and so forth.  And most of all, me inspire.  And individually, I usually wish to encompass myself with artwork that certainly drives me.

I really hope you benefit from interior decor visit and the photography!  I’m planning for a DIY tasks that I’ll share.  They’re just a couple repairs and products that’ll put in a contact of industrial-chic (and will also be useful and practical) to your house and/or workplace.

As usually, thanks much for reading!

:: Clothing::

Costume:: DKNY

Sneakers:: Christian Louboutin (comparable below)

Components:: Cartier view, Wendy’s Lookbook X Tacori Guarantee Band

:: Photography::

Brian Kim

Special because of High-Fashion House for partnering with this article!

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