New York Fashion Week S/S 2014 Day Five


The container outfit like slice of the Mlle Mademoiselle gown provides a stylish feel despite being leather therefore in the place of sporting it with boots like I did so before, I chose to dress it-up having a python leather coat and within the leg boots for Karen Walker‘s display.

I used this jacket earlier this season in London (below and below) and also the python consistency and design of the leather is simply beyond incredible and of course truly flexible despite being truly a bright-colored coat. songofstyle-celine-box-bag-thigh-high-boots



Celine Container Bag…. I first noticed it personally once the Celine shop in L.A. exposed and never being truly a hardcore wallet individual (unlike sneakers) I simply strolled away but I kept considering it again and again and so I chose to draw the trigger and obtain the carrier. I’ve with the majority of my clothes and been holding it nearly daily. I can’t because it complements everything blame the carrier! Therefore ideal!


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