Santorini / September 26, 2014

Photo 17-07-14 17 19 29

It had been not so soft till exposing you men these initial pictures from our visit to Greece to hold back. So difficult. You imagine. This warm trip was extremely anticipated, we were truly getting excited about be in Portugal after nearly three years and revel in some tasty feta cheese, tsatsiki (my personal favorite), the stunning small bright roads using their wonderful blue-colored doorways and steps. But especially, consider some time off with this buddies was what we truly craved one of the most.

Plus, it simply thought like we’d the absolute most beautiful climate around and we were prepared to get our swiss that was light encounters available!!! I’m not that significantly into tanning (avoidance, principle n°1 g-le-a-s-e) but oh my how great it experienced to obtain some vitamin – D for the reason that body. Our cheekbones ultimately got that positive tone I missed by spending way too many evenings before my pc, my eyes were large and vibrant rather than the typical small wholes I attempt to expand with large amounts of eye-liner. I had been experiencing so great (move the content tune by Pharrell, PROCEED!).

After investing the absolute most insane yet soothing period in Mykonos we were headed as it’s a location I’ve often desired to uncover and find out with my simple eyes to Santorini. I couldn’t have now been less unimpressed by this regal elegance. We got our thoughts amazed from the take on volcanos deep-blue water and came to the apartment.

It had been a responsibility for me personally to put up anything unique and enjoy that evening. On each journey, an evening gown I have the ability to pack. Just whenever you may need one because you never understand. One more thing, is the fact that I usually attempt to pack a gown I understand may match the landscape. In this instance, I understood this stunning Virgos Bar gown might have been ideal having a traditional history. Striking colors that are It’s create such ideal distinction using bright and the blues. The silver shines underneath the warm rays of nothing and the morning daylight seems much better than having some locks that are shed flying towards the wind’s defeat. An unforgettable time.

Photo 17-07-14 17 26 52Photo 17-07-14 17 24 54

Photo 17-07-14 17 19 17

Photo 17-07-14 17 25 13

Photo 17-07-14 17 25 18

Photo 17-07-14 17 26 06

Photo 17-07-14 17 26 54


GOWN: Virgos Bar

SNEAKERS: Louboutin 

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