14 Times JoJo Fletcher And Becca Tilley Gave Us Best Friend Goals

JoJo Fletcher and Becca Tilley first found each other on Ben Higgins’ season of “The Bachelor.”

Both ladies didn’t end up getting the final rose from the 28-year-old suitor, but they did walk away with something even more valuable – their friendship.

Yup, it isn’t every day you get to date the same man as your BFF, but JoJo and Becca have been there, done that.

If they can experience a reality dating show together and come out stronger, then these two can get through anything.

WhileJoJo continued her quest for love on “The Bachelorette,” Becca was the ultimate BFF and supported her along the way.

Now that JoJo’s season has come to an end(YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHO SHE PICKED!),let’s look back at some of the cutest moments between JoJo Fletcher and Becca Tilley.

These womenwill not only give you fashion and beauty goals, but they’ll make youand your BFF want to take a photo shoot together ASAP.

1. JoJo and Becca take the cutest best friend pics I’ve ever seen in my life. Look at how perfect they look together.

2. Their selfie game is always strong.

3. And they know how to rock those Snapchat filters.

4. They’ve been there for each other when they need a helping hand, or just some floss.

5. And they’re always down to protect each other when times get rough (Chad, I’m looking at you!).

6. Becca killed it with her tweets about “The Bachelorette.” It’s pretty easy to poke fun at your BFF.

7. TELL HER, BECCA. She keeps her girl in check.

8. Becca has also defended JoJo from Twitter trolls because she’s got her back, ya know?

9. And they always share how thankful they are for each other. AWWWW.

10. Also, they’re both flawless AF, so that’s cool. They look like straight-up goddesses in this shoot. CAN I BE YOU GUYS?

11. Oh, and their Insta captions are always on point.

12. Let’s not forget where they came from, though. These highlights of their friendship on “The Bachelor” will make you cry.

13. They’ve been through everything, but they’re still always laughing.

14. And after JoJo found her unicorn on “The Bachelorette,” Becca was the first to wish her congrats. Hmmm, could this be her maid of honor?!

JoJo and Becca, thanks for giving us serious BFF goals.

Never forget the toast filter.

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