The 50 Cutest Instagram Accounts In The Whole World


Name: Cosmo

Kind: Golden retriever

Location: Malaysia

Followers: 76,218

Age: 2.5 years

Daily activity of choice: Walking… with “swagger.”


Name: P-chan

Kind: Lucky black cat

Location: Japan

Followers: 85,545

Best friend: Nya-san

Fun fact: Chooses his own filters


Name: Hollie

Kind: Cocker spaniel

Location: New York

Followers: 1,771

Favorite color: Pink

Bonus friends: Adorable westie & pretty gal


Place: Alyeska Huskies

What is it: A magical land full of huskies

Location: Cambridgeshire, England

Followers: 2,832

Their names: Buzz, Pooka, Leah, Zizou, Rascal, Musky, Pikey, Scarab, Pixie, Angus, Ash, Jet, & Dot

Special award: Most likely to be gainfully employed.


Name: Wheat

Kind: Cuteness

Location: Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Japan

Followers: 29,300

Bonus: Pretty things

Motto: “Less is more.”


Name: Sana

Kind: Shiba Inu

Location: Japan

Followers: 4,915

Nonesense Google translate caption: “んOoooo Ooooo Ooooo Oh ~ ~ ~ A”

On video: YouTube


Name: Spangles

Kind: Cross-eyed kitty

Location unknown

Followers: 3,492

Most beautiful feature: His eyes

Favorite holiday: Talk Like A Pirate Day


Name: Shalfey

Kind: Corgi

Location: Moscow, Russia

Followers: 118

What’s fun: Snow

The only hashtag you need: #corgi


Name: Michelle

Kind: Russian blue

Location: Yokohama, Japan

Followers: 41,056

Favorite colors: Gray and bronze

More: Here


Name: Betty

Kind: Dachsund princess

Location: Japan

Followers: 10,223

Even more pictures: Bettystyle

Because: Look at her.


Name: Not entirely clear but look at that mustache!

Kind: Dapper gentleman

Location: Shēnzhèn, China

Followers: 440

Likely alignment: True neutral

Handsomeness meter: Off the charts


Name: Kintai

Kind: Yorkshire terrier

Location: Hong Kong

Followers: 7,702

Career: Fashion model

Embarrassing secret: Extremely picky eater


Names: Momo, Ramu, & Babu

Kinds: A pug, a french bulldog, & a miniature pinscher

Location: Japan

Followers: 1,114

Philosophy: Never be nude.

No, seriously: So many coats.


Name: Pekimuku (& pals)

Kinds: Pekingese (& a chihuahua, & two cats)

Location: Somewhere in Japan, we think

Followers: 1,956

Emoticon portrait: (´・ε・`)

Favorite Beatles song: “I Get by with a Little Help from My Friends”


Name: Xandy

Kind: Golden retriever

Location: Butterworth, Malaysia

Followers: 6,152

Age: 6 years old

Single emotion felt: Happiness


Names: Unknown, username Guremike

Kind: Scottish fold

Location: Japan

Followers: 1,254

Many, many more pictures: Guremike blog

Google translated bio: “Spell nothing happens every day, especially certain cat siblings, documentary and lazy love and excitement.”


Name: Windy

Kind: Golden Retriever

Location: Nagoya, Japan

Followers: 756

Favorite activity: Looking at food

Least favorite activity: Not getting to eat the food


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