Which “Troop Beverly Hills” Character Are You?

Everyone’s favorite glamping movie is celebrating its 25th anniversary. And we don’t need no stinkin’ patches.

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Which “Troop Beverly Hills” Character Are You?

  1. You got: Annie Herman

    You’re more of a follower than a leader. And at times, you’ve let people boss you around, but you’re slowly learning the value of standing up for yourself, as you should be, because you’re quite fantastic! You’re not so much of a style risk taker, but when you do let yourself stand out in a crowd, boy-yoy-yoing!

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  2. You got: Lily Marcigan

    You have some very minimal, but very chic taste and that applies to your personality too. You’re definitely the stoic type, who doesn’t crack easily, and there are certainly pluses and minuses to that. On the downside, people tend to think you’re a little bit cold, but on the upside, it also means you’re an incredibly loyal friend and great at keeping secrets. Like, we could torture you if we wanted, but you’d never talk.

    Columbia Pictures

  3. You got: Velda Plendor

    You run the tightest of tight ships and you don’t care much about your appearance. Of course, what you have or don’t have isn’t everything, but how you treat yourself and others certainly does count for a lot. Don’t be afraid to loosen up every once in awhile or to say “thank you” either. Not everyone has to be your enemy and doing the right thing doesn’t make someone a wuss!

    Columbia Pictures

  4. You got: Tiffany Honigman

    You walk on the wild side and you are very confident in who you are. You also know how to manipulate those around you to get what you want and you definitely use that to your advantage. But know that whether it’s now or some time down the line, there are consequences to that. You can achieve a lot on your own without tricking others and deep down, you know it feels good to do things the right way.

    Columbia Pictures

  5. You got: Chica Barnfell

    You’ve had some tough times, but you also have a lot of people around you who love you to help get you through. You are definitely the quiet type, but when rubbed the wrong way, you do react strongly. As far as fashion goes, you’re totally preppy. Don’t be afraid to break out of the plaid boxes every once in awhile.

    Columbia Pictures

  6. You got: Emily Coleman

    You’re sweet as sweet can be and everyone loves your positive attitude. You tend to smile through the hard times, but on occasion, you have your freakouts when you feel left out of the crowd for superficial reasons. Sure, you might not have the material things those around you have, but who you are is far more important. And when it comes to what’s on the inside, you’re gold!

    Columbia Pictures

  7. You got: Jasmine Shakar

    You are always cracking your friends up with your outrageous jokes and incredibly sassy attitude. You love being the center of attention and you certainly shine in those situations, but you don’t have to feel on all the time. People love you for more than just the belly laughs you provide. You are incredibly loyal and people are lucky to have you as a friend.

    Columbia Pictures

  8. You got: Hannah Nefler

    You tend to find yourself in the midst of drama and that’s because you always try to play both sides. Of course, you’re only trying to help your friends or loved ones, but sometimes, it’s best to stay out of it. You have the best of intentions, but you have to let others figure out things on their own. Also, lose the Laura Ashley already!

    Columbia Pictures

  9. You got: Phyllis Nefler

    You are fabulous. Just fabulous! You are totally unapologetic for the (at times ridiculous) person that you are. Yes, you have your insecure and self-pitying moments, but you always soldier on to prove to others and yourself just how strong you are. You may care about material things a bit too much, but your quirky style is part of who you are so you get away with that a lot. Stay true to who you are and who knows what you can achieve!

    Columbia Pictures


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