Doctors Gave Her 6 Months5 Years Later, She Defied Their Death Sentence with More Impossible News

She proved them wrong the first time, and now doctors are just floored by this miracle woman.

In 2010, Laura Bacon-Smith received a heartbreaking diagnosis that would crush any 22-year-old.

Doctors found an incredibly rare form of cancer that invadedher liver, blood, lungs, and soft tissue.

Laura had always wanted to be a mommy, but there was no time for her to freeze her eggs before she started the aggressive chemo treatments. However, the chemotherapy didnt work as hoped, and the doctors told her she probably wouldnt live to see her next birthday.

They gave her 6 months to live.

That was 5 years ago.

But she didnt know that at the time, so Laura felt all she could do was live the fullest life she could in the short time she had:

I kept trying to stay as optimistic as I could, and I was staying positive for longer and longer as time went on, Laura said in an interview. I was told to just live my life for the remaining six months I had left, and thats what Im still doing five years later.

It gave her a unique and refreshed perspective on life, as she really felt each day could be her last.

Lauramade a bucket list and started checking off her dreams one at a time.

The biggie on her list was to still have a baby, but she was told that would never happen.

The chemotherapy was supposed to render pregnancy impossible, but the doctors had been wrong before, so nothing was going to stop her from trying.

When Laura found out she was pregnant, neither her nor the doctors could believe it. Infertility is an automatic side effect of chemo, and the odds of her conceiving were astronomically low. But eight pregnancy tests and 1 internal ultrasound later, they finally knew it was true.

The one thing on her list that she thought was completely impossible became all too realshe was having a baby!

This baby was obviously meant to be. He or she is my little miracle and I plan to treasure every moment, Laura told the Daily Mail. I have to pinch myself sometimes I still cant believe it, I feel so lucky to be alive and make the most of every day now.

However, Lauras condition is still terminal. She plans on making a little memory box for her baby to remember her by once she passes away. But this fighter still plans on kicking some cancer butt for as long as she can.

She has even shocked her doctors with her courage and perseverance. One of the first people to treat Lauras cancer, Professor Penella Woll, said, I could not imagine that she would be alive and well five years later, expecting a baby. Her courage and positivity has been inspirational.

Laura is now starting a blog to track her miraculous journey of motherhood.

She knows she may not be here long, but shes determined to make every moment count, still living by the mantra she sealed in her heart the day she got her diagnosis.

Me and ten other friends have even had the word life tattooed on our hands to remind ourselves everyday to love life, said Laura. “Thats exactly why having this baby is so special.

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