10 Common Things You Should Absolutely Never Store In Your Bathroom

A lot of people see their bathroom as an oasis of sorts, a place to relax witha long, hot shower. Nothing beats those leisurely Saturday morning showers when you know you don’t have any real obligations for a whole day or two.

For others, though, the bathroom simply seems like a really great place to store many different things. Stuffingan overabundance of items out of sight and out of mind in the cupboard or underneath the sink is an organizational trickthat many of us would not like to admit to others.

But what is actually safe to keep in the bathroom? A lot less than I originally thought. I’ll be removing a bunch of items from my bathroom as soon as I get home from work today!

How many of the items on this list are sitting in your bathroom right now? I bet there is more than one! All of that humidity from those lovely hot showers (and some of the germs from the toilet) could really be ruining a lot of your possessions.

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1. Medicine


When you store medicine in the bathroom, you risk it going bad. The fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels aren’t good for medicine, and you should keep it far away from your shower. The best place for medicine is in a dry place that doesn’t change temperature very often, like a cabinet in yourkitchen, far away from the oven.

2. Makeup Palettes


Makeup needs to be stored in a cool, dry place, and that is not the environment that your bathroom offers. This is especially true if you love your long, hot showers.

3. Toothbrushes


Unless you are super vigilant about closing your toilet lid before you flush, it might be a better idea to keep your toothbrush in your bedroom. If you’re storing your toothbrush close to your toilet, bacteria willmost likely get sprayed all over it.

4. Towels


Once again, all of that humidity does not mix with your towels, as the damp air can be a recipe for grossness. You also don’t want to store your towels underneath the bathroom sink, because that’s basically setting up a breeding ground for bacteria. It’s OK if you want to store one towel on a hook to use for a week or so, just don’t do it long term.

5. Razors


If you’re storing your extra razors in your bathroom, you’re doing it wrong. You’re risking rusting the blades in all of that contained humidity, and you definitely don’t want themrusty! Even if you dry them off after use, keeping them in the humid environment is no good.

6. Electronics


Unless you have a radio specifically made for the shower, you don’t want to keep your electronics in the bathroom, lest youpermanently ruin them in all of that humidity.

7. Jewelry


Leaving jewelry in the bathroom can cause it to tarnish and rust faster because of all that humidity. It’s much better to keep your gems in your bedroom.

8. Nail Polish


Nail polish is supposed to last about two years, but you can shorten that lifespan drastically by storing it in the bathroom, where it is humid and usually bright.

9. Perfume


Your perfume doesn’t like drastic changes in temperature, humidity, or the heat, so keeping it in the bathroom is not a good idea at all. Keep it in your bedroom where temperature is more consistent and where it’s not as moist.

10. Books


This seems like a no-brainer, but so many people still do it! I suppose that if you don’t care about your books or don’t mind if they get warped in the humidity, you can keep some reads in the bathroom. If you pay a pretty penny for your books and want to keep them looking nice, then you should not keep them near the shower.

Do you keep any of these things in the bathroom? Let us know if we missed anything from our list, and

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