Kim Kardashian Posted Another Naked Selfie And Her Abs Look Out Of This World

Kim Kardashian is having an awesome time at the beach in Miami, but whos surprised by that? The mom of two is enjoying whats probably a much-needed break after Fashion Week.

But this isnt just a random weekend in Miami. Kim also showed a lot of love to her assistant, Stephanie Shep, on Instagram and Snapchat since theyre in Miami together. Could you imagine being Kim Kardashians assistant?

The 35 year old took to Snapchat to show off her super bronzed skin after getting a late night spray tan. She snapped a mirror selfie for us, fully clothed.

Just kidding. Shes totally naked and covering up her breasts with her arms. Because, of course.

Classic Kim.

Wouldnt a late night spray tan destroy your sheets? I mean, I wouldnt know. Ive never even gotten a spray tan at a normal hour.

But if I did, you KNOW I would pull a Kim Kardashian and post a racy mirror selfie.

I think Kim loves naked selfies more than spray tans.

Im not sure how I feel about this chair in the foreground, Kim. It takes away from the main focus of this photo, which is obviously your naked body.

KimK also posted a video showing off her spray tan.

We needed this video, because how else would we really get to experience this naked moment?

She says, Nothing like a midnight spray tan, you guys. Tanorexic.

OK, Kim, real talk. When these racy selfies get boring, what are you going to do next? Because you post them almost every week now. Just sayin! You might want to change it up a bit, you know, keep us on our toes.

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